Issue with timed logout


Issue with timed logout

Just a note about the timed logout on Constant Contact - something that resulted in sending out an incorrect email.

After sending out an email on Constant Contact on Friday, I realized that the email that was sent was an older copy of the new, edited version that I had intended to send out. I looked up the list of recent campaigns on our account. What I noticed is that both the new draft of the reminder AND the copy of the original are there at the top of the list - apparently, I sent out the copy of the original, rather than the corrected draft with the current info.

How that happened is the quirk I've noticed about Constant Contact - that if you "copy" an older email (like I did for this recent email), and make edits on the copy - you can save the new edits, no problem. HOWEVER, if you do something else and Constant Contact automatically logs out, when you log back in, it takes you to the COPY, not the edited draft. So, when I logged back in to send the email on Friday, it went to the copy, which was the one I sent.

IS there any way to prevent this from happening?


Hello @TimV047,


I am so sorry to hear the incorrect campaign was sent to your contacts. That is not the experience we want. This is definitely a strange issue you have described. I reached out to our upper level of support and they are researching this issue. I have tracked this issue in your account for the department responsible for investigating this issue. If you could provide us with additional information, it may help in the investigation.


1. How often and for how long has this issue occurred?

2. What browser are you using when it happens?

3. Have you tried working in another browser, and did it replicate there as well?

4. Any campaign titles that you have experienced this on, if possible.


I would say if you have only been using the same browser the whole time I encourage you to switch to a different browser for a period of time to see if the issue occurs again. At the very least it would point in the direction that something is occurring between the browser and our site that might be causing the issue. 


If you would like you could also email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, the answers to the questions asked, and a reference to this post and we will make sure it gets to the right team.


Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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