Issues with Forwarding


Issues with Forwarding

Hi!  We're getting started with Constant Contact and have sent a few campaigns.  We like it so far but are running into issues with forwarding.  A large number of our distribution lists are people who then disseminate the information to their teams, resulting in a large number of forwards.  Issues we're having are:

  • The background carries over when you're forwarding, making the content difficult to read.
  • If a person forwards an email to 50 people, it shows as if that person opens the email 50 times rather than indicating it was forwarded
  • Most importantly: If we issue a poll, the original recipient takes the poll, then forwards the email and the new recipient also takes the poll, it overwrites the original poll response rather than including it as a separate response.

Are there any fixes for the above?  The last one is most crucial to us as it skews our poll results.  Thanks!


Hello @CharlsyeL0 !


I'm sorry to hear your experiencing these issues when forwarding your emails out! When forwarding an email out to many new contacts, these bugs can happen out of our control. However, we are tracking these bugs to find ways we can improve!

If you have the time, we'd appreciate you giving us more information on this issue you experienced.


Besides the background carrying over when forwarding an email- what email client was the email forwarded from?
If the issue began from being forwarded multiple times, what email client was the forwarded email received at?
Were there any other display issues besides the background carrying over?


This information can greatly help us improve emails being forwarded out!


As for tracking the forwarded emails within the reporting tab..when you send an email out to a contact, we track that email being sent for that specific contact. If any activity occurs on that email when that contact forwards it out to multiple people, our system will read that as the contact opening it up multiple times rather than saying something like..."The Contact opened it once, forwarded recipients opened it 50 times" Although tracking forwarded emails is not something we are currently tracking on the reporting tab, this is a feature request we have gotten before! I will gladly add you to the list of those who'd like this feature to be added!


And finally as for the poll block's response being overwritten by forwarded recipients, that unfortunately isn't how our poll block was intended to use. However, there is a way around this. You can create a poll using our survey feature to use within your emails. After creating and publishing a survey, you are given a specific URL for that survey. When using the survey URL rather than a poll, it will track responses from multiple users (including forwarded recipients!) rather than overwrite them.


Have you thought of including a sign up form within your emails? This would give a chance for those recipients to sign up directly to your newsletter and avoid any issues being forwarded the emails!

Brigitte P
Community & Social Media Support

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