Issues with coping and pasting into a campaign

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Is anyone having issues with copying and pasting into a campaign? Since the update, I can no longer copy anything in my campaign nor can I paste anything into it. Is anyone else having this problem? To copy, I am highlighting text and right-clicking trying to copy to no avail. 

I cannot paste anything (either using Control-V or Control-Shift-V).

Thank you.


Hello @ChristineT0085 ,


Can you elaborate at all on your issue? When I tested in your account and mine on Chrome and Firefox, I didn't experience any issues when CTRL V or CTRL SHIFT V pasting text into text blocks, including for their incognito/private browsing modes. Does performing any basic connectivity troubleshooting, like temporarily disabling extensions or testing in incognito/private browsing alleviate your pasting issue?

William A
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Yes, same thing for me. This is the THIRD time in as many months that I've been stopped from continuing to finish an email because I can't paste a link into the box. So frustrating. I need this to go out first thing tomorrow, but I can have an ad in an email that isn't linked to their website. GRRRR! Why has this been going on three months? I feel like CC should be giving us a rebate on our monthly fee since some days we cannot send emails. 

Please explain why we must pay for the days when we cannot complete the task CC is designed to do.

Hi @RunCoachDeb. Will asked some questions to the original poster and it would be helpful if we could have some more information from you as well, such as what exactly is happening when you paste the link (errors, blank screens, etc). I wasn't able to replicate the issue on my end. 


Caitlin M.
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