Issues with new eMail Builder

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Issues with new eMail Builder

The new eMail Builder is incredibly annoying.  It takes twice or MORE as long to create a email and that's if the browser doesn't crash (mine does multiple times a session).  I'm kind of too frustrated right now for a thorough list after trying to get an email designed and scheduled that was time critical.


1) Why for heaven's sake would you use a right click methodology to "duplicate" or "delete" something?  This is so clunky and hard to use, especially for those who have slower internet, slower computers or have handicapped issues using their fingers like I do.  Today, I accidentally deleted something I was trying to duplicate, not just a couple of times but at least 8 times. One was related to the header, and I couldn't figure out how to add the deleted image back in to the messed up format.


2) The previous email Builder gave you an option of selecting variously formatted blocks relative to your selected template - some with headers, some without, some with text, some without.  However, now EVERY text box has to be reformatted which takes multiple clicks and selections to add a header in, remove a image, etc. And if I try to use the "Duplicate" option, I'm just as likely to DELETE by accident. 


3) The font size and color of inserted text do not automatically change to the template settings like it used to which makes reformatting everything a hassle. (See #2!)


4) The Preview does not show what I see in Edit accurately. I add text blocks, dividers, images, etc and not everything will show up in Preview.  I've tried emailing a test to myself but honestly, who has time for this?  It should work.


5) The new email Builder crashes a lot.  I've using IE 11 right now. I used Chrome and Firefox before the new Builder was forced on us but it worked even worse on those browsers. 


BTW - I've been using Constant Contact for over 7 years and I've seen lots of changes in the eMail Builder.  This one has numerous user issues.  And the tutorial does not address any of my questions.  I even tried Chat today to ask questions but got no answer other than my comments would be provided to the designers.  I hope so because this is not fun any more.


Hi @LisaG208!


I am very sorry that this has been your experience with the new editor. We do not want to have you struggle with it, so what I would like to do is have someone reach out to you to help walk you through the new editing experience. But, I would also like to answer your questions here, point by point if I may.


1) There are a number of ways to delete or duplicate a block. If you hover over the block, there will be a small toolbar that has a "Move" button and a "Gear" button. If you click on the gear, the "paint bucket" button, the "copy this block" button, and the "Delete this block" button will appear. You can also delete a block by clicking the trash can in the main toolbar that pops up if you edit the block. You can always undo anything you've accidentally clicked on by using the "undo" button at the top of the editor. Here is a graphic that shows all these features:Toolbar1.png




2) The blocks on the right hand side under the build tab are basic blocks, such as a text block, an image block, etc. Under the Layouts section of the build tab, those blocks are formatted for specific uses. There are two header blocks, a number of article blocks with right, left image, etc. Here is another graphic that will help identify the basic blocks versus the layout blocks:BuildTab.png




3) On the Design tab on the left toolbar, there is a default text formatting section. Changing these settings will change the entire template text formatting.DesignTab.png




4) We highly recommend sending out test emails, as emails are a dynamic document, they will look different in some email clients versus others. Here is an article that will help understand how to best craft emails that look consistent across all platforms.


5) Here is an article that can help fix browser based issues. But if you are having consistent crashing issues, you can always give us a call and we can look into the issue with you.


I am going to send your information over to a representative who will be able to reach out to you and help walk you through our new editor. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.



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