Joining an existing account on Constant Contact

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I am trying to join an already existing account for Constant Contact. The host told me that she has added me onto her account as an account manager, however I do not see that on my current account. The username I believe it is to be under is , and my email for this account is . I would appreciate any and all assistance with this as I am not sure whats happening/why it hasn't been showing up on my page. 


Thank you

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Hi @MarketerL0661,


It sounds like you already have your own account separate from the account the host has. If they created a user profile for you on their account, it is not connected to a pre-existing, individual account. It's a new profile built into their own. They would provide you with login credentials for the account manager role they created, but anything that exists in your individual account would not synch up with the new account. 


Just in case there is any confusion on creating user profiles in existing accounts, check out this Knowledge Base article on creating and managing users

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager