Kicked out of my own email

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Let me know how MY EMAIL was dropped? I can’t even have the Constant Contact sent to my address. Which also makes me want to know why my ACTIVE members were also dropped?

They said they did not opt out of the emailing’s...and I certainly did not. How, and, how fast, can we get this corrected?



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Hello @WayneC534 ,


If you (and the others) forwarded the email to other addresses, and those forwardees clicked the unsubscribe button and confirmed the address they wanted to unsubscribe was yours, then our system has to honor it for legal and compliance reasons. This is one of several reasons why we don't recommend forwarding emails, as there's lots of coded elements in them specific to the original recipient. Additionally some email programs will, either by default or manual setup, try to unsubscribe if emails from a source are regularly deleted without opening them.



If a contact has been marked as unsubscribed from you, you'll need to go through the resubscription process. However the easiest method for a contact to resubscribe to you would be for them to go through one of your sign up forms.


If they’re unable to get signed back up through a sign up form or through the resub email, you can request our Review team do a manual override of the unsubscription. You’ll need to get an email directly from the contact explicitly stating they want to be resubscribed. Then you’ll need to call into the Review team, and follow their processes from there.


Since there are a number of legal and Compliance-related elements to unsubscribing and resubscribing, we have to make sure one of these three processes is followed.

William A
Community & Social Media Support