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We recently ran a promotion driving people to a CC landing page to sign up for our email list by entering a contest. We advertised this with a banner ad on the eNewsletter of a trade association that we are a part of.


We ended the promotion with a few hundred visits to our landing page and a small number of entries. Our first reaction is that advertising in this particular eNewsletter is not getting us the audience we hoped for. But, the trade association provided us with their data for opens and clicks and their unique click total is 5 times what our Constant Contact page is reporting.


Is there a reason we might see such a vast discrepancy between the Constant Contact total and what the eNewsletter is reporting from their service? (rasa is what they use)


This is what our advertising partner is reporting for click throughs

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 3.26.49 PM_edit.png

But this is what our CC landing page summary is reporting

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 3.31.11 PM.png

With a pretty good prize to be won, I would have thought that we would receive more registered visits and sign ups, but there seems to be a major disconnect between the data.


Hi !


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Without having access to the advertising partner's reporting, or knowing the parameters of how it is collected, we will not be able to provide insight to why the numbers are so different. The screenshot of the advertising partner doesn't specify if those numbers are for just the one link, or for all links in the newsletter. 


Here is a breakdown of the information  we collect:

  • Unique Visits - The number of unique visitors to your landing page based on the visitor's IP address.
  • Subscribed - The number of visitors that complete the sign-up form and click the button to submit the form.
  • Conversion Rate - The rate that the unique visitors to your landing page complete the sign-up process and become contacts. Updated contacts are not included in the rate.
  • New Contacts - The total number of new contacts added through your landing page. Click the number to see the list of contacts.
  • Updated Contacts - These contacts were already on your contact list but submitted their information through your landing page again. Click the number to see the list of contacts.
  • Thank You Page Button Clicks - The number of new or updated contacts that clicked the button on the Thank You page. 
  • Desktop vs. Mobile - Based on the total number of visits to your landing page, desktop views include views on traditional desktop and laptop computers, while mobile views include views on mobile phones and tablets.

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Hi Kara_D


From what our partner tells me about the numbers they provided, those are strictly for clicks on our paid banner ad. The newsletter is sent 3 times a week, so 1 recipient could contribute 3 unique clicks to the total a week which might explain some of the large gap. 


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