Library Interface is Awful


Library Interface is Awful

I can't go through pages, delete isn't working, trying to move images into designated folders, but they exist still in the main folder, so since the whole thing resets I have to constantly go through the same images over and over again.. Can it at least be organized so I can jump to the end of the list to delete old stuff at all?

Hello @JamesK1,


I'm sorry that you are unhappy with the Library page. If the delete button is not working, have you tried going into another browser? If so, try going into Private Mode (Incognito in Google Chrome) and see if it works in there. Browsing in a private window with allow you to browse privately from any cookies or cached items that may be blocking your browser's ability to do certain things. Here is a link to our guide on Accessing Private Mode. If it works in there, I would recommend clearing cache.


I understand how important it is to be able to easily sort through images to manage or delete them. I apologize that at this time images that are in folders will still show in the main view of all images. I also apologize that we do not have a way of scrolling through pages to quickly get to old images. This is all great feedback. I recommend that you post these comments in our Feedback Area. Posting in our feedback section is a great place to post ideas and comments about the product, where other customers can vote on your post. This often helps things get added to our product.

Jonathan Rich
Community & Social Media Support

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