Linda's email addy is not being accepted


Linda's email addy is not being accepted

Hi: We have worked with LInda for over a year in trying to get her email address accepted. She had unregistered her account a very long time ago. She said she was following the directions to re-register. Today, we did it together. She did it properly. She confirmed it. She received the message that confirmation was received. That was 4 hours ago. Her name still says "awaiting confirmation." What next?


Hi @RobynS41

Thanks for bringing your question to the community. I took a look at Linda's profile on our back end and found that she had a duplicate contact profile that had been deleted. Sometimes these deleted profiles can intercept the resubscribe request and it ends up updating the permission status of the wrong profile. However, I was able to use an internal tool to resubscribe Linda, so you should be good to send to her normally from here on out.


Nate M. 
Community Support

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