Line Indent??

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Line Indent??

I love the new third generation editor however i don't see any way to indent a line.  Am I missing something? Can this editing function be added? Tab key does not work either... So that's not an option.


Thank you!

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This is a very unfortunate oversight on behalf of Constant Contact. I need to use a blockquote feature in ALMOST EVERY EMAIL I SEND OUT. Not having this ability is very crippling and there has been nothing done about it to my knowledge.

Yes - I agree totally!  Have been needing the indent for a long time.  Please fix this soon!

Right now I am using the tip of using a "-" and making it the same color as the background.  That's the only thing I can do now until they make it available. 

Still no fix for this issue?

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To everyone on this thread who needs this function, please VOTE on the initial post to get them to add this feature!  (Only 2 people voted but there are 20 replies on this post)


Also, there is another workaround you can use until the ability to indent is added:

That is, to create your text that you want to indent in its own text block, then add a spacer image to the left of that text block.

It's certainly not ideal for a few reasons, but the main one being that the spacer image will not allow you to minimize it as much as you would like, so it's a very deep indent, but it does the job in the interim.

CC-spacer image.png


Yes, please! 


This can't be that difficult to enable!


Hello @Marisa_M,


Thank you for sharing that workaround! I'm glad to hear that you've found a solution that works for you however I do want to mention that if you do this, those blocks will stack on a mobile device so your readers will see a large gap in between those bullet points when reading your emails on their phone.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about that! 

OK then. So that is not a good workaround... in that case Constant Contact really needs to prioritize adding a line indent function!

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When are we going to get this? Sooooo important!

What else can we do to get this function?

Thank you!

I use a great workaround.  Just add text before the lines you would like to indent and make the text the background color.  Our emails are in Georgia 14.  I use "<ind>" to give a nice indentation. The "<ind>" is only visible if someone copies/pastes the entire text, but then it looks like they are copying code instead of seeing "......" or "blahblah" or something unseemly.   

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Not only line indent, but trying to number then indent to letters, then return to continuation of numbers is IMPOSSIBLE.  Why on earth would you not have considered any of this?  I have no recourse but to re-work my entire text to somehow eliminate the use of numbers and letters, which defeats the purpose of the points I was making.  Tried to copy and paste a word/jpg/every format I could think of and the quality is too poor to post.  What should have been an easy "letter" to send is turning out to be a nightmare.  So sorry Constant Contact is so poorly editable.  

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It's 2020 and still, this is an issue. CC should fire their developers. 

Hi @NexFirm 
I apologize for any inconvenience from this feature not being available. There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. Though this may be the case, as previously mentioned in this thread,  we recommend adding underscores and changing the font color to match the background color. You can also copy and paste text that includes a tab from an external source (like Microsoft Word). Our editor will convert these tabs into non-breaking spaces that can be saved.

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Why doesn't CC just allow us to insert snippets of HTML code??? That would solve every one of my problems. 

I miss the days of when you could use code to adjust your layout.  Even the amount of padding in boxes, etc.  I guess I am used to controlling JUST how things work and having them look exactly how I like.  Is there any way to get some of that control back?  It seems that with every update, we are limited to the layout more and more. 

Indeed! We pay no small fee for CC! Super annoying - super weak!

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I thought I must have been doing something wrong - I can't believe we can NOT indent  😞

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Are you KIDDING me. It's been TWO YEARS since the original request. Can we please get a fix for this? I can't believe that after this long, such a critical functionality has not been added. Seeing this request go unaddressed for this long really says something about how much CC cares about responding to its clients' needs.


I guarantee for every person who posts a request here, there's another 10 who have no idea this thread exists, like I didn't for the last year.



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You took the words right out of my mouth. Two years later and we're still have to beg for basic functionality. And if one more person from CTCT chimes in and says, "We understand your concern and we've take this issue to the devs..." I will scream. C'mon guys. If you aren't going to add this feature just man up and tell us. Or maybe....just can bring back HTML editing (and I'm not talking about Custom code) then some of us can do it for ourselves?

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Still over two years and developers have not put in a feature to allow the MOST BASIC text editing function. 

Seriously how hard is it to do this? 

-- has this availability.

Even the Community Service support has it.

This is a joke. 


Stop spending so much on your marketing budget for new customers and try and keep the new ones happy with basic functionality. 


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Please roll out indenting!!! I need it!!!