Line Indent??

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Line Indent??

I love the new third generation editor however i don't see any way to indent a line.  Am I missing something? Can this editing function be added? Tab key does not work either... So that's not an option.


Thank you!

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We ask for additional comments and votes be left on the open idea for the ability to indent text. Our Product team regularly reviews our Feedback boards more than our Get Help area. Though we do not have a time estimate if a feature like this will be available in the product, any updates will be posted there, not on this post. Voting and commenting on the linked post above helps to influence future product decisions and allows you to be notified of replies from our teams.

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Still over two years and developers have not put in a feature to allow the MOST BASIC text editing function. 

Seriously how hard is it to do this? 

-- has this availability.

Even the Community Service support has it.

This is a joke. 


Stop spending so much on your marketing budget for new customers and try and keep the new ones happy with basic functionality. 


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Please roll out indenting!!! I need it!!!

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Is there still no viable solution to indenting a line or paragraph?


3 years since someone first brought this has it not been added yet?!


There is a solution.  You can compose the body of your email elsewhere, using an HTML editor of your choice that does support paragraph indents, tables, and other features omitted from the "new" CC editor.  You can use Outlook or Thunderbird or any of dozens of HTML editors.  Then copy to your clipboard the resulting raw HTML code and follow these steps:


To go Campaigns, Create, Email, Custom Code, and it gives you an HTML editor.  Paste your HTML code there.  It works.  You have to add the subject line and the bottom address info after hitting Continue.

Thanks SalP809 and that's not *really* a solution, though, because the problem is with the CC editor.  It needs to function with these features. Yes, we could do much more with HTML if we were to code our whole email but for many of CC's users, the reason we use CC is for the UI and email editor.  If I wanted to create every email in raw HTML I could but I don't want to.  Now, if CC had an "insert HTML snippet" function so we could build our email in the editor but, much like adding a new text box, add a box with custom HTML instead, then yes that would be a solution. But that doesn't exist right now either.

SalP809 - if you saw how complicated my emails are, you would know that is NOT anywhere near a solution.  It takes me long enough to compose and design them, let alone do it separately in an HTML editor.  Thanks for your idea, but CC just needs to put this feature in.


Any progress on this?  This is such a basic feature.

Hello @JustinM310,


We will update this thread if any updates are made! Thanks. 

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