Link PayPal to an Event to collect payments

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Can someone tell me how to use the Email campaign feature to put a link on a button for people to pay me for the event through paypal?


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Kristiann Wightman

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Hello @KristiannW4 ,


Once an event is made live, you can either use its internal emailing system to send out event invitations, or you can use its share link to add to a regular email as a text, button, or image link. Those accessing the event link through email type will be able to register and utilize PayPal to pay for it.


If you're asking how to include PayPal links for payments in an email, this is something that would need to be generated on the PayPal side. Generally speaking, when you setup a good or service to sell through PayPal, they provide a URL that can be copied and pasted wherever needed. You may want to check out our article on using PayPal with your Constant Contact account for additional info. Otherwise, I'd advise reaching out to PayPal's support for additional info on generating and accessing these links.


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