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Link to Update Profile Form

I need a direct link that I can send to customers who wish to update their profile. How do I access that without having customers try to retrieve old emails to find link at bottom?


I have about 3,000 contacts that are currently in a non-segmented portion of our distribution list. These clients receive “all” emails which we send out, this was great in the beginning. Now we find that we have segmentation working (for a total of seven segments) and send out blasts to one of each of the segments every week.


The problem we are having is the clients in the “All” group are receiving an email every week and this is turning out to be a bit much for them (we are seeing a number of them leaving us, as they receive too many emails).


What is the best way to reach out to the “All” group, and have them segment their own account? I know there is a link in the footer of an email to allow the client to Update Profile/Email Address, but getting the client to see this at the bottom in small print is a challenge. Is there a way to have an equivalent button to Update Profile/Email Address that I can include more prominently in the body of the email, and if so, how do I access it?

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciate.



Hello @JohnK9796


That's a great question. I can completely understand wanting to give your readers an option to pick and choose which emails they would like to receive. At this time, the best way to have an additional link within your email would be to create another Web Sign-Up Form. This way you can give them the option to choose other lists they would like to receive updates from. The only downside to doing it this way is that this option will not remove them from the "All" category like it would in the Update Profile link if they wanted to remove themselves from it. 


Once your readers make these changes, you could certainly go through each segmented list and remove these contacts from the "All" category, leaving them only in the lists they chose. Then your "All" category could be the remaining folks who did not follow through with wanting to choose a particular category and you can send them a general weekly email. 


Otherwise, directing your readers to the Update Profile link within the email footer may be the best option if the above directions are not what you're looking for. 


Let us know if you have any additional questions about this method! 

Amber Royal
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Thanks Amber,


My solution was to remove the All category from any of our signup forms, and now directing clients to revisit the signup form.


For the clients that have done some segmentation and added in separate categories other than All, I manually added them into all the other groups. At this time, I know that everyone in the All category has not selected any other categories, so I will regularly revisit the subscribers and remove from the All group anyone that has segmented themselves.


Hello @OneLambda-Communications,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Community. Unfortunately, the Update Profile Form can only be accessed in the footer of your outgoing emails. Take a look at this FAQ that explains the Update Profile Form a little more in depth. You could always create a generic email and whenever someone is interested in Updating their profile, you can do a Quicksend and they could access the link from the footer of the email.This way, they don't have to search their old emails in order to update their profiles.

Hayley L
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Not sure why this is so complicated.  You already have an option to sign up.  Simply have another option to update one's profile.  We have to do this manually each time.  Informing customers to go to their email, click update your profile and THAT is in the hopes they EMAIL us about this.