Link tracking is breaking our links [ server blacklisted] == traffic down


Link tracking is breaking our links [ server blacklisted] == traffic down

Is there any update to this issue? Last I read, people experiencing this issue were told to send their router version, OS version, browser, etc to Constant Contact so they could reach out to Norton and get the link tracking server taken off whatever blacklist it's on. What's the status on that?


I've noticed that our traffic has gone down over 25% since this issue was first reported, and I don't want to find out it's because of Constant Contact.


Is anyone else here having this problem? 


As a temporary fix, I may need to disable link tracking. Please provide any advice you can - thanks in advance.


Hello there @MarquisWines !


We're so sorry to hear this is still an on-going issue for you. Did you have any luck with Whitelisting Constant Contact in your security program?


I'd like to take this case up to our Tier 2 team for further troubleshooting on this for you. They may need to further reach out to you so we ask you to confirm that your contact information is correct in your account. This may take 3-4 business days for them to reach out to you, please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you in the meantime. 

Brigitte P
Community & Social Media Support

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Thanks for chiming in Brigitte. We have no problems receiving our newsletter from Constant Contact, but I can't say the same applies to the other thousands of members of our mailing list. We have only heard from a few of the nice ones who contacted us to report that our email links don't work. Most who encounter problems clicking a link are unlikely to report - they just move on to the next thing. 


Lots of our recipients likely don't have access to whitelist stuff at their workplaces, nor can we ask every single recipient for their network security configuration.  It would make more sense for CC to contact the security vendors at a high level and request that CC servers get delisted from their blacklists.


Please forward this on to Tier 2 although I won't be able to troubleshoot for them until someone else complains. For every person who complains there may be hundreds or thousands more who do not.