Linking documents - some recipients can't open them

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Linking documents - some recipients can't open them

In a weekly email that I send out most of the recipients can open the links which include an embedded video, eventbrite registration, and a pdf document that has been uploaded but a few are having problems. We recently tried placing a URL from google drive for the pdf.  Some folks still have problems opening the link.  Question: Is the problem on their end or constant contact?  Is there another option for placing this pdf so that everyone can open it?


 Hi @PamA93,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. I am sorry to hear that your recipients are having difficulty opening the links in your email campaigns. Could elaborate more on what sort of issue they're encountering when they try to open the link? Do they have an error message showing up? Does the link send them to a blank page? Could you also provide a screenshot of any errors your recipients might be experiencing? As an alternative, you could try using our document link feature. For information on this please click here. Let me know if this resolves the issue. 


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WE HAVE SAME ISSUE!! very very frustrating. says they need google drive to open up links we share. ALL OUR LINKS are for 'anyone' there are NO RESTRICTIONS on our links!

has this been fixed on constant contacts back end???

Hello @URG ,


I just went in and tested, and everything is still fine on our end. I was able to open the "work" file link I sent to my personal email without issue. If your Google Drive folders and files that you're directly linking to are 100% available to view by anyone with the link, then they should be able to be opened without issue. You may need to check the folder / files' settings again to make sure they're completely open. If Google is still demanding your contacts log in to view the folders/ files, this would be something on Google's end that you may need to reach out to their support about.

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