Linking text in a newsletter to an uploaded document


Linking text in a newsletter to an uploaded document

When I send a test and click on the newsletter text, it takes me back to my own computer file rather than to the Constant Contact library. What am I doing wrong???

Hello @MickeyK36 , 


I took a look at your account and was not able to see any documents added to the Library, just images.  If you are linking to a document (i.e. Word Document, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) It will open that program on your computer. If you are using a PDF file, then this will open in either a browser window or in a PDF Reader.  


What type of file had you uploaded to your account?  How did you want the file to appear when your contacts opened it?  (i.e. did you want it to be editable or not).  




how do i add an attachment

Hi @MargaretO59

At this time you cannot add an attachment to your emails sent from Constant Contact but you could include a link to a document in your email if that is what you were looking to attach. Can you take a look a this FAQ for more information?



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