Hello- Is there a way to have sub-bulleted lists without having to restart a list?


i.e. I would like to use a numbers list but then have sub-bullets that are either little letters (a, b, c, etc) or plain bullets and then be able to go back to the main list. Right now the list starts over when I add a sub-bullet. 


Also the ability to have line breaks between a numbered list would be ideal as evidenced below. This doesn't work in the email template.


  1.  example
    • dtlk
  2. djlaksd 


Hello @SloaneS70 ,


At this time, to accommodate the mobile compatibility necessary for higher deliverability, sub-lists and additional indentations for bulleted and numbered lists isn't possible in the current email editor. However, our engineers are still investigating ways this might be possible for the editor in the future. I've attached the relevant feature request to your account, and submitted the case to our engineers. If and when they have an update for the request, they'll make sure to notify you via email.

In the meantime, this can be circumvented by setting up the bulleted list (and sub-lists) in a text program, then screencapping it. You can then insert that screencap into your email like an image, and resize as needed to make it appear as part of your text.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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