Low useage


Low useage

My account is only used 3 or 4 times per year. I can 't avoid $95 a month and had CC for proably 15 years. Give me a break or I will finally find a way to drop it. 


Hello @JohnB998 ,


There's a few things you can / should do to make sure you're getting a more accurate price. Firstly, I'd strongly recommend deleting and unsubscribing your recommended-for-removal bounces


Another thing you could do to further decrease your list size, is segment out contacts who've chronically not opened your emails. You can then further manage this segment by adding it to a list, determining which contacts may still be worth keeping (such as very recent additions based on Date Added), and then deleting all the remaining non-openers and the segment list.


Finally, it may be worth downgrading to the basic Email plan if you're not using any of the Email Plus featur..., or not using them often enough to justify staying at the higher tier full time. 


With all that said, if you're going months without actively using the account, I'd highly recommend you look into suspending your account in-between usage months. You can call our Billing to schedule a suspension for the end of the billing cycle. Please bear in mind suspension cannot be activated multiple times within a single month. Make sure to read through the article to understand how account suspension works for billing and activity.

William D
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