Make an image a clickable mailto link.


Make an image a clickable mailto link.

UPDATED: July 2018


The information below applies to 2GE templates, but can also be used in 3GE templates. The difference in a 3GE template is for the steps to make your image a clickable link.




Constant Contact encourages making your images clickable links. Using images to get the attention of your readers can help you drive traffic to the location of your choice. Did you know you can also make an image a clickable mailto link? When clicked, this would open up your contact’s email client with the “to” address pre-filled.


Make sure you are logged into your Constant Contact account and in the edit mode of an email. Insert the image you would like to make clickable. While you are still in the edit mode, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the image. Click “Change” in the drop down menu. In the image overlay, type mailto: and then add your email address.


If you would like to also prefill the CC, BCC, Subject or Body you can do so by adding one of the following extensions to the end of your email address.


  • CC - ?
  • BCC - ?
  • Subject - ?subject=This%20is%20a%20subject
  • Body - ?body=This%20is%20body%20text
    Note: Each word of your Subject or Body text is separated by "%20" and line breaks in the Body can be created by adding "%0A". 



Please note: Mailto links are not tracked and don’t appear in your reporting.  


That’s it!

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