Managing, removing, and preventing bounced emails

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Hello, I am having difficulties dealing with bounces that are identified either as blocked or other.  It never used to happen to me until mid-November.  Before I might have 1 or 2 but now I am at the stage of having between 10 and 18 bounces at every campaigns.  And what is super frustrating is that on one campaign, the affected addressees are not the same then on the following campaign. The names are always different from one campaign to the other.  I just have about 100 contacts and they are all people that I know very well and they all confirmed that they did not alter anything that would restrict my marketing emails to go through.

So now, what I have to do is copy and paste my campaign on a word document as an attachment and forward it to the very same email addresses that I have in my contacts, and they all received them without issues.  This situation creates extra work that I do not need and it is especially apparent when I have to identify which contacts that were blocked/ other, as they are different from one to the other since November.  I chatted and spoke and nobody seems to be able to tell me the reason.  I do not wish to delete any of my contacts.  Would any members of the community have any thoughts.  Thanks     Alain

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Hello @AlainB37 ,


The sporadic blocks are likely being caused by the receiving IPs / networks not trusting your emails. This can be either based on the fact its coming from a source other than you (aka coming from us) that's claiming to be you, based on content such as subject line and imagery, or due to the holidays putting email programs' security algorithms into overdrive. 


The easiest way to alleviate this would be to get self-authentication added to your account, since you have your own domain. For any further guidance regarding self-auth, or for additional, specialized insight on your bouncing issues, I'd recommend speaking with the Delivery team directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support