Mass Emails and Deliverability

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Hi, I am having trouble figuring out an email marketing issue I have.

I have many emails that I believe are being sent to promotional files in people's gmail accounts. I want to try to deter this from happening by segmenting my lists and making them smaller. 


If I have smaller lists but am still sending the same email to multiple lists, will this still be flagged as a big, mass email by gmail or other sites? Or will I have to copy the email multiple times and send to only one list at a time?

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Hello @BrickC5 ,


Great question! Even with smaller lists Gmail could still filter your emails to the Promotions tab because it sees that it is being delivered by a bulk sender like Constant Contact. What you could do, is encourage Gmail subscribers to add you as a Contact, or move the email to their Primary folder so that future emails are delivered there. This article goes over some steps and explains the Promotions folder a little more.