Maximum Number of Contacts on List

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Hello: I would like to ask if there is a maximum number of contacts that any account can have in place or a maximum number of contacts that can be present on a single list? Thank you.
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Hello @JimA634 ,


The answer to both is no. Pricing will adjust as you add or remove contacts you add to an account, based on tiers. See the Plans & Pricing page in your account (name in the top right corner > Plans & Pricing) for a better idea of your available tiers and their costs. If you have a specific number in mind beyond the available pricing tiers shown in your account, I'd advise calling Billing for a quote of what the costs would be for that amount of contacts.


As far as list sizes, there's no hard limit that I'm aware of at this time, as I've seen particularly large accounts with millions in a single list. Bear in mind that email campaigns may need to go through staging, past a certain threshold of contacts being sent to at once. Staging can occur whether you're sending an email to a single massive list, or lots of smaller lists. Changes to larger lists, especially when dealing with potentially tens of thousands or more contacts at a time, make take longer to reflect in your account, as our servers work to make sure updated info is displayed accurately.


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