Merge account or transfer some templet to new account?




Previously My Law firm had a constant contact account.



Currently I joined the team. And now I am probate period for training Constant contact.


Q1. Previous account has our team templet.

For practice purpose, my team want to be using the company templet for newsletter create practice.

I think this is not the merge account, I just want to get some templet from the other account.


Q2. After period done, I will consider upgrading my account or One of another team account.

( I will double check what they will be using or need the new create the account)


Q3. If I can move the templet from previous account, that's best.

However, If not, let me know what the best way is for solve this issue


Best regards



Hello @Upsetfish ,


Transferring emails between accounts either requires that they be under the same Partner setup, which is for things like franchises and affiliated 3rd party businesses, not for testing accounts. There is a paid option for $50 per email transfer that our coding team can do, but for the purpose of testing the software this wouldn't really fit your needs.


In all honesty, the best method would be to simply recreate the template in the testing account. This provides practice for building the template, importing images and other elements needed for it, previews and test sends, as well as scheduling it for a live send (even if just to yourself.


If you'd like some pointers on design or some tips for getting started, I'd recommend following along with this article when you're creating your email. When you have the time, we also have a Getting Started guide (also available in video format). You're also welcome to call our general support so they can work 1:1 with you, and also screenshare while you're logged into your Constant Contact account.

William A
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