Messages Going to Spam Folders Regardless of Authentication Settings

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Messages Going to Spam Folders Regardless of Authentication Settings

Hello! I've had trouble with my last few campaigns going to Spam/Junk folders within my own office, and after reviewing the open/click rates for the latest campaign, I'm concerned this is happening to our other subscribers as well. I read up on this topic when the problem first started and adjusted my authentication settings, but it continues to happen. Any ideas what else could be going on? 

I timed out of a customer support chat on the topic and was put in a 30-minute+ queue for phone support so I thought this may be a more effective way to get answers. Thanks!


Hey @EmilyS5911,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I would be happy to assist. So there are a few steps you can try on your own to narrow down why the emails are suddenly going to the spam fold. First, create a new campaign for testing purposes (you don't need to fill it with content, just leave the filler info). You can click here to see how to create a new campaign if needed. I would recommend using a Newsletter blank template for this test. Then, send yourself a test to see whether it goes to the spam folder. If not, then there is something content-related that your spam filter doesn't agree with. If it does go to spam, then you will need to speak to our deliverability team for further investigation. Here is their direct line 866-433-8499. Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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