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Whenever I move any random Constant Contact gmail into the Promotion Folder, all constant contact gmails go there as well. I am the Executive Director of an arts organization and not only are many of of members not getting our emails, but I do not get them regularly either. I also miss emails from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Cathedral. Our organization cannot be the only one with this problem. Is there a fix in the works? Please let me know the solution as we may have to change platforms.
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Hello @ArtsAOA ,


Gmail's Promotions folder for the inbox isn't a spam dump. It's simply their way of sorting emails that they detect as trustworthy (or that you've marked as trustworthy), and sorting it based on the type of content the sender is in their system. You train Gmail's algorithm to deliver emails that'd normally go into Promotions, by moving them into another folder (such as the Primary inbox). When you move an email sent by us into the Promotions folder, regardless of the sending address, it tells Gmail that you want those email to go into there. This is the standard across the industry for ESPs.


Ultimately your only way of avoiding having the emails from us put into Promotions, would be for you to move such emails out of Promotions to re-teach the algorithm. Another option, which I personally recommend, is to simply turn off all the inbox folder types that Gmail has. Ultimately this is something that can only be done on the receiving end, as Gmail technically treats all of its different inbox folders as being in the inbox ultimately, and not true spam.


If you want more info regarding Gmail's Promotions sorting, I'd advise checking out our main article on the subject. If you still have questions or concerns about the delivery of your emails, I'd advise reaching out to our Delivery team for specialized insight and assistance. If you need additional assistance regarding the management of your Gmail account, I'd advise reaching out to their support.

William A
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