Mobile Frames loading in the wrong order


Mobile Frames loading in the wrong order

Our newsletter has frames on the left side that has info like hours of operation, list of board of directors, etc. The meat of our newsletter is in a larger frame on the right. The mobile version shows the left side frame first. This is no good. Every month our newsletter will start with the same long lists of info... How can I fix it? Do I have to rebuild the email I just rebuilt because the new system would not let me make a copy of a past newsletter?


Hello @CarmelClayH ,


It's standard practice industry-wide for mobile-compatible templates to make lefthand columns first and righthand columns second. While our engineers are looking into ways to make mobile compatibility function with multiple columns, at this time there isn't really a way to prevent this. 


If you need to preserve this two-column setup, my suggestion would be to simply switch the columns around so the hours of operation, board, etc. are on the righthand side. That way when the email is forced into mobile view by a mobile email app, it will shift this info to be below the meat of your email. However, if you're okay with abandoning this two-column setup, the vast majority of customers (and non-customers) I've seen that include their hours, board, etc. will typically have them toward the bottom of their email anyway. This helps to make sure it's still available and visible, but isn't crowding out the majority of information in the email. 

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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