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Mobile Friendly templates

Hello! I'm trying to create a mobile friendly template, however I am finding that using two columns in an email causes text to become very narrow when viewed on mobile. I want the content in a two column email to stack when viewed on mobile--is this possible? Thanks!

Hello @HelenL256


I do see that you are using our Third Generation Editor (3GE), which is mobile responsive, meaning table columns should stack on a mobile device. It looks like you may have reached out to support to get help with this, and they recommended using different block types to get the look that you needed.  


If you still need help with this, please let us know.  

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Is this still possible? 

My non-profit recently received the email saying that as of August 17, we will no longer be able to copy emails that we have created in our current editor. Unfortunately, it looks like all 2 column emails translate into one column on mobile. Is there a way to go around this? We have tried to change the look of our emails before, and our advertisers dropped us because they wanted to remain in a second column, even on mobile. Still, our other information is for programs that are equally crucial for our yearly revenue, especially now with Covid-19. 

Hello @HelenaH ,


Mobile-friendly and compatible templates will always try to readjust to a single column. This is an industry-wide practice, especially since the vast majority of email clients and domains will prefer mobile-compatible templates and coding for deliverability.

While our engineers are looking into ways to appease these email clients and allow more column control for our customers, at the moment you'll want to explain to your advertisers that it just isn't really possible. If they insist on being as noticeable as possible, you can set your advertisers to be in the lefthand column, which will adjust to showing top-down frist before right-hand column content.

You could potentially try to use the custom code editor, which can be set up to not be as mobile-compatible, but please be aware that it may affect your deliverability. You'll also want to make sure you have HTML coding knowledge if you do utilize this editor. 

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