Mother's Day template


Mother's Day template

I see very other holiday listed except Mother's Day and I would like to send out a professional-looking email within the next two weeks so my customers can order something special for Mom! Any plans to include this?

Hi @ReneeH489 


Thanks for your template request. That template is not available within your account. But you can use any of our other templates and add your own images and text to signify Mother's Day within them. The only thing that the Mother's Day templates that we used to have offered, were wording and/or stock images. 


For stock images, we do have almost 100 images (at time of posting) to choose from in our Free Stock Images that you can use within any template.


To get to these stock images, just click on Library on the left menu bar

You may receive an overlay where you can click to browse images, if not, select the Upload to Library dropdown and select Stock Images

In the overlay you will now see, type in Mother in the Search All search box and click Enter

This will default to our Pro Images, but you can select Free Images to see the free ~100 we have that pertain to the search term Mother
Free Stock images.png


Hover over the image you wish to save and click on the Free  wording that shows up at the top of the image.

This will save it to your Stock image folder in your Library.


And that's it! Now you have some images to work with and you can start now and add them to any template we have!


I hope that helps!