Multi-layered Campaigns


Multi-layered Campaigns

I think I already know the answer to my question, but was going to check around anyways. Does Constant Contact have, or will possibly have in future product development, the ability to build multi-layered campaigns? What I mean by that is a campaign which consists of a multiple emails which are sent at predetermined times and have follow-up emails which are triggered to initiate when certain hyperlinks are clicked on?


For example, we want to do an 8-week series of emails where each week a different set of content is sent out. Then based on who opens those emails or clicks on the links within them, those individuals are sent reminder or follow-up thank you emails. We used to use InfusionSoft which had this campaign builder capability where you could construct all these 8 emails and their follow-up sequences with timers, and simply set the whole thing to run itself. However we switched to Constant Contact since we had nothing but problems with InfusionSoft. We are extremely happy with Constant Contact so far, and although I do understand it isn't as complex are nearly the same product InfusionSoft is, just wondering if Constant Contact has something similar or has plans for anything like this in the future.