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I was using Constant Contact for my follow up with my customer list to create a repeat business campaign. Because of the success, I a have tasked with creating a tool that can help the rest of our 300+ reps . Follow up has always been an area of opportunity for our group and I am hoping to combine the tools of a CRM to create a follow up schedule for phone calls along with the ability to send an email campaign monthly to provide more engagement with our clients. Please let me know if this is something you can assist with.


Follow up Campaign:

1) After Sale - 30 day, 60day, 90day, and 120 day

2) After Installation - 30 day, 6mo, and 1yr


Email campaign: monthly email newsletter (currently provided by Constant Contact)

1) Create group template that can be used by all users and updated monthly to personalize


Hello @ZengiW ,


So you could certainly use the automation email system for the sake of sending out an initial email, and then having follow-up emails trigger based on whether the recipients click a specific link (such as a Please Contact Me! button) or just open the email. Some or all of your steps can include the 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day follow-ups. 


Another option would be to do a list-join automation. For this type, you can add contacts to a list once they've made a purchase or gotten their installation complete. This addition can be manual, or come from a CRM sync if it's integrated to your account or otherwise connected in that way to our API. Then the automation you've setup for that list would send the follow-up emails accordingly.


For a full rundown of creating automated email series



As far as the "group template" aspect, if you have a partnership / affiliate setup with us, and those separate agents have their own accounts, you could just add the base template to them that way. Otherwise, if they're all individually utilizing the one account you have, and simply swap out the sending address, another option would be to make a master template (for simplicity sake you could even call it "Account Master Template"). They can all then copy from that master template, add whatever unique elements to their version they want, and name theirs "Jay Master Template," "Mary Master Template," etc. and put into their own campaign folders. That way whenever they need to send an email out, they just copy from their individual master template, add the content they need, make sure it's coming from their respective address (if applicable), and send to their corresponding list. 


That said, this would be a bit much for 300 reps. In all honesty, I'm not sure there's really anything in our system that you'd want 300 individual people logging in and trying to handle every time. Even using elements like dynamic content so only one person is actually in charge of sending manual emails out, but contacts only see the agent that pertains to them, would still require a ton of setup in the builder.



Overall, if your CRM has an integration they've developed with us, it may make your job a bit simpler, but you'd be more reliant on their system and support for setting up what you need to. Otherwise, I'm not sure between dynamic content, automation, and account users you'd be able to even get exactly what you're looking to do.

William A
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