Multiple times


Multiple times

Last year people were able to do this survey multiple times on the same email address. Now I am being told that it can't be done? I am paying for this service, so you would think it would be allowed? This means the survey I put out will be useless and Constant Contact is not going to work for us. If someone knows how to get around this, please contact me at  ASAP. Thanks, Wendy Parsons General Manager Leamington District Chamber of Commerce


These's are great questions! The good news is there is an available setting to allow multiple submissions of a survey from the same computer. Once you have made this update you can share the URL to your Survey to the participants. Sharing your survey with the link and not the survey invite will cause your responses to report as anonymous. Because of this we would then suggest using the personal information block to see their email addresses. Adding this block will allow you to track who took your survey.

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