My emails are going to spam folders


My emails are going to spam folders

I am paying for Constant Contact, a service to be able to reach out to my clients periodically and I am learning that many of my clients don't even see my emails, they go directly to their spam folders.  I occasionally offer specials and I have overheard clients discussing the fact that some of them get the emails and some of them don't, even those who have never marked my emails as spam and want to take advantage of the special pricing.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, it makes me not want to pay for this service.

Thank you for your help!


Hello @AmandaW4480 ,


Here are some general best practices for deliverability.


Deliverability can have a lot of variables, from elements on our side, on your side, on the recipient's side, and in their email system company's side. It's generally a good idea to set up additional authentication for your emails - whether that's through us if you have a free domain (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) or via self-authentication if you have your own domain (such as through a business or other organization).


If you'd like to learn more about safelisting, and what it entails:


Safelisting domains in a security system


Safelisting email addresses in an email client or security system


If you're wanting more in-depth, specialized insight on your current deliverability, it'd be worth speaking with one of our Deliverability agents.

William D
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