My library images are no longer showing

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My library images are no longer showing

When I look at my library, instead of showing my images, each one has the broken link icon. Everything was fine earlier this morning when I was creating a new campaign, but now nothing is showing. I've tried it on a Mac and a PC, in Chrome and in Safari.

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Same issue

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We're having the same issue. 

I tried requesting a chat and it would never connect. 


same thing is happending to us. I've tried chatting and calling; there seems to be a hold up.

Yeah, I'm assuming there is something happening across all or most accounts. I'm on hold with customer support and could not get anyone via chat either. All of my images are missing from my published content as well.

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I've got a facebook ad running that now looks like a total mess with empty blocks where photo content should be.
I also have 2 event pages out there with no photo content.
And the recorded, "Sorry for the long wait" voice is starting to bug me

Pages are slow to load, broken links. What gives?

yep and live chat and phones are jammed, god constant contact is outdated

Will not upload images from my computer

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Nice to see CC posts some sort of update here to let us know. My stuff is extremely slow to load as well and even then, only partially loads. I tried calling but can't get through. Constant Contact, all you have to do is post an UPDATE (what a novel idea) here. You specialize in communications, I believe, practice what you preach!

@Capvideo wrote:
Pages are slow to load, broken links. What gives?


Status update says everything functioning just fine on 2/28. not true. Still can't upload photos.


Kim Young

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"The third party service we use for image hosting is currently experiencing issues.
As a result customers are unable to upload images, add images to their emails, or view images once their email is sent. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible."


Posted at the top of all of Constant Contact pages now ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Hello, everyone. 


I wanted to post a quick note here to let you know that our teams are looking into this right now. We have updated our status page listed here with more information. Please feel free to follow along on that page. We will also post an update here once this is fully resolved. 

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I just checked the test email I sent myself and the images aren't showing up in it either.

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CC has a notice on their FAQ page that they're working on the issue. 

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Please email us once the system is fixed. Thank you.
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The timing could not be worse for the technical issues with images.  I just sent out a campaign that I have been working on for a week.  Quite often, if the email is not responding properly, they won't try again, later.  I am a new client, and not feelingconfident, since there was no advance notice of the isse.  How often can I expect this to happen? 


Thakn you,

Cindy Smith

This is really bad timing.  I send out a monthly newsletter for my business at the beginning of every month - all of my events have images to help communicate the  nature of the event.  No images can result in poor click throughs to my website, poor interest in the events, poor event sales.

This needs to be resolved ASAP.  Please email me when it is resolved so I can get my business newsletter out!

Not only do you have image issues. Absolutely nothing comes up nor can I send out an email without images.

Our event email and press release just went out without images because it was scheduled. If it was manual, I would have logged in and seen the problem and help off on sending the email.  You should stop sending scheduled things until the problem is resolved.

We just launched one of our most important events with no images. This is crazy timing!