My personal email address marked suspended in my CTCT account


My personal email address marked suspended in my CTCT account

How did this happen and how do I stop it? it's an @aol email address.  I've been signed up and have been receiving my publications (for several years) just fine up until Jan. 16, 2017.  How to fix this?  My email address is just fine and should not be marked in my CTCT account as suspended.  How do I know this is not happening to other email addresses at random?


Hello @kinetica,


Thank you for reaching out to us in the Community. I apologize this happened. Your email address was quarantined because when the system attempted to send the campaign to the address it bounced back to our servers. Our system attempted multiple times but the ISP (Internet Service Provider) your email is housed in was telling us it was undeliverable. 


I have gone ahead and removed your address from the quarantine list, but if whatever caused it to appear undeliverable in the first place has not been resolved it could end up right back as a suspended contact. 


I encourage you to give our Deliverability team a call because they have specialized knowledge on how bounces work and might be able to shed additional light on the issue. They can be reached at 866-433-8499 during the hours of 7AM to 9PM EST Monday through Friday.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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