New Editor is complete garbage.


New Editor is complete garbage.

I don't know why Constant Contact decided to completely change the interface but the new version is complete garbage. I have tried with two different browsers. I can no longer add images by searching a file. When you click on the link the link is dead. The only way to add images to my library is dragging them from my hard drive. I can no longer add images while I am creating a new email. When you click on the image icon the link is dead. All of the icons are dead. You can sometimes drag an image from your library into the email but it randomly drops the image into the email and you then have to painfully try and scale the size of the image. When typing a new email there are clumsy text boxes everywhere when there used to be one large space. What used to be a very simple, intuitive platform has regressed to a painful, clumsy useless interface. 


Hi MikeH9093,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your concerns. There are definitely some changes that come along with switching to our 3rd Generation Editor (3GE) but once you know what to look out for I hope you will find a much better editing experience. 


Switching to the Third-Generation Editor from the Legacy Second-Generation Editor

The article linked above goes in to greater detail, but here are a couple of quick tips: When moving images or blocks please keep an eye on the pink line/ box that indicates where your block or image will be once you drop it. This should help prevent sections from being randomly dropped.

  • When your pink line goes from one side to the other the block will drop into a single column.
  • If the pink like goes down one side or the other the block will drop into a side column.
  • When you are moving images, you may see a pink square that indicates your image will be inside of a text block and the text will wrap around. 

Insert or Remove Images in an Email 

Adding images to your campaign and uploading images to your library should be mostly the same. The main difference is you can only place images within text blocks at the top left or top right. If you have a large section of text please break it in to smaller text blocks so you can place your images. 

  • Images can go above, below, to the side, or within text.
  • You can replace an existing image by either left or right clicking on the image> replace/edit. 
  • You can use an image placeholder (found in the build tab), or grab images from the images tab to drag and drop in the body of your campaign. 
  • To upload an image you can click on an image placeholder or existing image> click replace (this opens your Library overlay which has not changed)> Upload image
  • You can also upload images by clicking on your library tab

I hope these tips help get you started, and If you would like an in-depth walkthrough please call our Support Team at 866-289-2101.

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