New Editor


New Editor

Is there a timeline for new features that are going to be added to the new editor? Currently, the new editor is so dumbed down that it is unusable. The reason my clients decided to move to your product is because of the drag and drop feature, but there is no way for me, the designer/developer, to make the editor do what I want. It is extremely limited. 


Also, how long has the new editor been live on the site? Is it brand new and that is why the features are so limited?


Hello @ResouceC


We do not have a timeline available for when features are going to be added to the new editor.  We are always looking for way to improve and suggestions from our customers though.  There are a couple of ways that you could get information about the new features.  Firstly, within your account, look for the notification icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will show you any new features added to all Constant Contact products, including the editor.  It will look like this: 




Secondly, I would recommend taking a look at our Editor Feedback board in the Community.  You can vote, comment, and follow the different ideas to see updates on the status of the idea as well as add your own recommendations.  Let us know if you need any help with utilizing this area of the Community, or take a look at our help section here.  

I have to be honest -- this is a really poor reply. You want us to vote on the features but essentially what we're voting on are features you took away? there's not a single new feature in this new editor and the features that I use all the time are gone. At this time my main account still has the old editor but if we lose that we're goign to need to go to another platform. At this point I can't recommend CC to my clients either as I see all new accounts are set up with the new editor. In another post I noted that the ONLY way I could actually get an email set up as needed was to have support do it for me. And of course that's not going to work every month. SIMPLE stuff like being able to wrap aroudn an image (NOT just align but wrap), increase spacing between line are gone. I truly don't understand why a company would strip out everything that made their product great and then say we're working on it. Why not just wait until the editor had ALL the features before you pushed it out?


And what's really amusing? HTML is STILL an option in the forums so I can actually use HTML here. I don't need it here -- I need it in my editor (especially if you're going to take away all the advanced formatting features).

Couldn't have put that any better.



"They've lost that loving feeling"