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New Subscribers + Welcome Email


New Subscribers + Welcome Email



When people signed up on our website, their names will automatically go to one list instead of the one I want. So my question is how can I direct new subscribers to a new email list?  Thanks!


My second question is how can I edit my welcome email? I followed the steps online but my interface is different than the one you showed on the website.


I don't have "welcome email" that I can Create.



 When I click "more," I don't have "preview" and "edit," but only "Manage." So how could I edit the welcome email?





Hi @wtao


Great questions! Is this sign up form provided by Constant Contact? If so, you can direct sign ups to a new email list by choosing a different list on the sign up form. Here are the steps to edit your sign up form from Constant Contact. If you're using any other form you would have to contact the creator of that form.

Also, I apologize you aren’t able to edit your email by following the directions you found online. You do have a welcome email you can create; it can be found under campaigns. I took a peek and it doesn’t look like there is one there which is why you only see “Manage.” If you want to make edits to this welcome email you want to click right on the words "Welcome Email."

Welcome Email.png
This will then bring you to a page where you can create an email by clicking "Add an email."

Create Welcome Email.pngHowever, since your contacts are still receiving a welcome email, this is email can be found under your “List Growth Tools.” On the right hand side of this page you will see an option named “Welcome Email,” which is where you can make your edits. This seems to be the actual welcome email your contacts are receiving.

List Growth Tools.png


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