New Survey Feature - No Skip Logic Functionality!

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New Survey Feature - No Skip Logic Functionality!

I have been a frequent user of the Legacy Survey feature for over ten years.  I tested the new Survey feature today and was appalled to find it to be the dumbed-downed twin of the Email Editor.  There is no Skip Logic function available in the New Survey.  Skip Logic is used to move the survey-taker to another location in the survey based on their response.   As an over-simplified example when building an event feedback survey, Question number one asks if the survey-taker attended a specific event.  If the answer is no, the survey-taker is 'skipped' past all the survey questions and taken to a thank you page.  This is CRITICAL survey functionality! 


I will also add that other essential functions are missing:
-Cannot attach a comment field to a question
-Diminished reporting capabilities: limited output choices and doesn't export responses in same order as survey
-No opening or closing pages



Hello @M.ElaineD ,


I am sorry that you are unable to create your survey in a way that best fits your needs. Skip Logic is unfortunately not currently within our new survey pages tool. It is listed as a feature request and I have added your name to that request. I have also placed you in our email notification system for when it is added to our survey pages you will receive an email from us stating it has been added back; however I cannot provide a time frame for when this will happen but you will receive an email once implemented.


John M
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