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New Toolkit


New Toolkit

The new toolkit version of the site is absolutely horrible. After CC recommended that I switch so we would able to create and manage campaigns in toolkit version, we realized there were a lot of features not available. You cannot search in past campaigns but have to scroll through all of them to find the ones you are looking for. The donation campaign we sent out for end of year donations does not show/track clicks or opens. You cannot create additional emails off of one campaign, just the one. The features, options, etc are so basic, we were embarrassed at the product that is out there. We pay over $4000 a year for CC and this is horrible!
Super Participant

I can't even begin to complain about the lack of control the mobile friendly editor offers.


I recommend to all my legacy clients not to upgrade to ToolKit.


When I get a new client that already has it I break out in sweats because I know I'll have to eat hours of billable time getting stuff to work.


As far as functionality and organization goes in my professional opinion it was a let down.