New format email campaign not recognizing contacts when ready to send


New format email campaign not recognizing contacts when ready to send

In trying to send an email campaign:

1) click Schedule and the schedule page appears

2) try to attach a List to send the campaign to

3) message says No Contacts 'Visit your contacts page to add some'

4) left campaign and went to Contacts. Checked Contacts and contacts and lists are still intact.

5) returned to the email campaign to add an email List and schedule it, and it still won't recognize any contacts (see screenprint below).

How do I solve this problem with the 'new format'?

After a couple of frustrating hours I copied an 'old format' email campaign, edited it, and it worked fine. It is scheduled with the correct list. 

I am an eight-year user of Constant Contact.


Here is a screen print:

No contacts when there are indeed contacts.jpg


Hello @SanGabriel,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I do have a couple of questions in regards to this situation as we do have our engineers working on fixing this issue. Do you remember doing any large contact management (Removing, Adding), or repeatedly removing and adding the same contacts in to your account? There are a couple of workarounds you can try. The first workaround would be to trying scheduling and email campaign through a different browser if possible, for testing purposes. If that does not work, our most effective workaround would be to create a new list for the contacts you already have and transfer them over to the new list and delete the old one.


Steps for the second workaround:

Step 1: Go to the Contacts page

Step 2: Create a new list

Step 3: Go in to the list that already contains your contact, select all contacts.

Step 4: Select the ''Manage Lists'' option that will highlight after selecting all contacts

Step 5: Select ''Add to list'' that will appear from the drop down menu and add them to the new list created

Step 6: Delete old list, after moving contacts over to the new list.


If neither of these steps fix the issue you are currently experiencing, please let us know. 

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