New forums layout.

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New forums layout.

Have you tried this out on mobile devices?

Its not very optimized for smaller screens. As a result of the large menu area on the left you need to constantly scroll to the right.
What a major pain it is.

When can we expect a mobile version?
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Attached because I can't find out how to embed it is a screen shot from my Note 4

Hi @Clique_Marketing


I can understand how the new layout is not ideal for mobile. Having the Community be mobile responsive has been a top priority for me since I joined the team. We are closer to this than we have been before and it will definitely be coming to the forums. At this time I do not have any dates that I can share; however, once I have more concrete information, I am happy to share that with you. 

I realize it's not your personal decision.
Your company proves over and over it has no clue to the needs of your customers.

This new version is far worse to navigate than your previous version which seems to be a reoccurring event with Constant Contact of late.
So very disappointing.

Taking away that menu block from the left would be a huge help.

@Clique_Marketing, I am sorry to hear that the new design of the Community is not to your liking. Our team here, including myself, worked very hard on trying to increase the overall ease of use for the Community with the new layout and structure. We found that the breadcrumb navigation across the top of the page was easily missed and a little tricky to use if you were not familiar with the idea of breadcrumbs. With this in mind we wanted a prominent and easy to figure out navigation.  


We are working with our community platform to make the Constant Contact Community completely responsive and will put a notice up in the Community once that change goes into effect. 

So it was the consensus of your group that this version was superior to navigate on mobile devices?
What is the percentage of mobile users anyway. I'm going to say 50% which means you made it more difficult for half your users. Yeah it's my option. .