New interface


New interface

I am so incredibly frustrated right now. I can NOT find my events, emails, or surveys easily. Is there an opportunity to switch back to the old interface?? I post up to a year of events at a time and I am having a terrible time finding them. PLEASE HELP ME!
Regular Participant left out no weekend support after rolling out a new interface.....


This company isn't the same as it used to be for sure.. 

I agree, it might be seen as a bit irresponsible to roll out a extremely different interface and pull back the amount of support they offer for it.

I'm not really sure when the weekend support was canceled to be honest.


I think I would have made support MORE available not LESS available.  Just me, but I don't have a billion to drop on a company.


Not sure what the competition offers for after hours and weekend support, but I'm guessing someone might have benchmarked them and decided to pull the plug.  Why eles would you reduce "customer support" ?


Which converts to CTCT's weekend support being no worse then the competition.  But still, with a new redesign and the amount of negative feedback they have been getting on these forums,  a stop gap support strategy for 90 days would have sent a better message to the people that are struggling on the weekends.


Just saying....