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New layout/jutter

I am not opposed to change, but the new framed layout is jumpy and juttering with each step of the process of creating a custom code campaign. Any way to make the page refreshes not so jumpy? Also, on the scheduled campaigns page, can you add an option for "Sort by: Scheduled Date/Time"? Or possibly a Search function?

Hello @ThomasP48159 ,


I'm sorry you experienced this. I have submitted feedback to our product team for both of these topics, which are currently being tracked as feature requests. One method that may help alleviate the jumping issue on a custom code email, would be to type that code into the notepad application (found under the Start menu: TextEdit is the Mac version) and then paste into the custom code editor from there. This will make it easier to both preview and submit code when this occurs.

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I appreciate the response, though I feel you may misunderstand the concern. I have no problem navigating the site or using custom code. The problem is with how the page (re)loads with each step. The new layout includes a "top frame" and a "left frame" surrounding the main window. The left/top frames load a split second later than the main window. The main window initially displays as a "full window" page and then suddenly and haltingly adjust to fit within the condensed space that is left once the "top/left" frames take their defined space. So it constantly, on each successive step of the process, jumps around and readjusts. So when I enter the campaign name, then click next, and enter the subject line/from name, then click next, etc, etc, the pages are bouncing all arounnd until each of the "frames" fully loads.


I don't begin to claim to know how to fix this juttering/bouncing/stretch/compress window/frame size issue. But with the old layout, I knew where the "Next" button would be on the page and be ready to click that button as soon as the page populated. But now I have to wait an additional 2-3 seconds per step to wait for the button location to go from one spot to another. While this amount of time is not the end of the world, it - along with the general aesthetic of watching the page dance around - is quite annoying and disorientating.

For what it's worth, this issue is on a Windows 10 machine using Chrome. I will try using Firefox/Edge to see if perhaps the issue is browser related and report back.

Just checked in Firefox and Edge (Explorer) and the issue is present in both of those browsers as well. Perhaps the issue can be resolved by simply having the "main_window" be the only part of the page that refreshes/reloads on each step and keep the "top/left" frames constant/persistant.

Hello @ThomasP48159


Thanks for testing this out and passing along this suggestion.  We will send this information along to our teams here to see what can be done about this.