New update is much slower to load

Constant Contact recently updated and many previous bugs are fixed and generally, the update is a good one. But since the update the loading time has increased enormously, especially with the media uploader. I wanted to pass along this feedback in hopes that the lag is being addressed. Thank you!

Hello @PublicR83 ,


To help us troubleshoot you issue, could you please respond to the following questions:

  • Roughly how long has this issue been occurring? I know you said since the update, but if you have a general idea like "a few months ago," "last week," or something to that effect it might help us pinpoint what specifically might've changed in your account or the system to result in the lag.
  • Are you ever seeing any specific error messages when these long load times occur, such as a time-out error, Cloudflare error, or a specific number error from the browser?
  • Does performing any basic connectivity troubleshooting, such as seeing if the issue occurs in other browsers or Incognito/Private browsing, alleviate the issue?
  • Are you running any browser extensions, pop-up/ad blockers, VPNs, or other security software that can be temporarily disabled for the sake of troubleshooting?
  • If running a VPN, blocker extension, or other security software, does safelisting our domains alleviate the issue at all?

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