No way of disabling tracking? Re. Links not working in emails.


No way of disabling tracking? Re. Links not working in emails.

Hi there,


Our customers / readers are frequently not able to use the links in our emails. We understand this is due to R20 (and other) links CC uses for tracking engagement - "Links in a Constant Contact email go through the URL in order to be recorded as a "click" in your campaign reporting. In that sense, the domain is used to track behavior and is blocked accordingly through uBlock origin". 


The advise from CC (if i'm understanding correctly) is to request ALL of our readers to whitelist / safelist these url's


After reading a few threads on this, I thought I'd found a way to disable tracking by using the 'custom code email creator' and deleting the code which governs tracking. However when I click 'continue' a pop-up box appears saying 'fix issues'. If you click yes it puts the tracking code back in. i.e - I cannot disable tracking.


Is there ANY way to disable tracking from Constant Contact emails?

- Ensuring that readers can use the links in our emails is MORE IMPORTANT than viewing the audience engagement (ideally of course we'd like both). 


There are some guides about this tracking code on the CC website, unfortunately the screen-grabs used here Do Not match the current interface i'm using!?


I've contacted CC and they gave me a number for the 'custom code team', turns out this is a general number with a list of options ....nobody answers and i'm advised to visit the website (may be a time-zone thing).


It seems that Constant Contact are at the mercy of internet security, firewalls etc when it comes to the functionality of their email service. Their only solution is for me to request that every single reader safelist's the url's they use in order to guarantee that links in emails work.


I understand that this issue speaks to a growing shift in the market where users want more transparency into their data and how they are being tracked.


However we need the option of disabling tracking and also an easy method of doing this. 


Sending emails out with links that frequently don't work doesn't exactly sell the credibility of our company ...and expecting readers to do work THEIR end in order for OUR e-marketing to work properly is just ridiculous and embarrassing.


I'd appreciate any help or suggestions about all this?


1) Can ALL tracking be disabled so that links ALWAYS work?

2) Is there any viable solution on the horizon with regards to this problem at large? or Is email-marketing now becoming obsolete?


*I don't have a particularly high level of knowledge in IT - I'll gladly be embarrassed if I've completely misunderstood some basics here?


....though surely Constant Contact exists principally as a platform for people who don't have vast IT knowledge :wink:


Thank you!


Hello @RobertL5 ,


There's nothing to embarrassed about, these systems are complicated for a reason, and that largely comes down to legal and Compliance-related elements. Our devs are looking into why uBlock in particular is so aggressive with denying these links unless explicitly overridden from the recipients' ends. With that said, at this time there isn't a way to turn off link tracking for the aforementioned legal and Compliance reasons. I've submitted your feedback and info to the devs so they're aware of it. If and when there's an update regarding the applicable service requests, they'll make sure to notify you directly.


Regarding the article you were linked to, if and when you have the time, could you please submit feedback on it? That way our KB team knows what needs to be updated, based on your experience with it.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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