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Hello. There seems to be an issue with the non-openers option again. There was several months that I could not use this feature then it started working once again a few weeks ago and now it is not working again. This is a handy feature and it would be great if it would work consistentanly.
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Hi @StephanieM1367


What exactly are you experiencing with viewing the non-openers in your account? What are the steps you're taking before coming across this issue? Does it occur when trying in a different browser or even a private/incognito window?

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Sorry, your responses went into my spam folder.


When I finish working on a campaign and I am ready to publish it, I select the “Resend to Non-Openers” check box and every time I click that button it takes me out of the schedule area and redirects me to a blank page. I then have to go back to campaigns and start the scheduling process again. I have done this several times each time I publish with the same results. I stopped trying to use this feature for several months then tried again a couple of months ago and it was working, I figured it had a bug that go updated or something. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case because I can no longer use this feature, it is doing the same thing as before.


This is the link that it redirected me to after clicking on the check box above.


Thank you.

Stephanie Melcher


I also replied to your email.


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Hello @StephanieM1367 ,


Thank you for sending the follow-up email. I responded there, but for visibility I'll also post here as well.


When I checked in your account, I wasn't able to recreate the issue. When selecting the Resend to Non-Openers option on the scheduling page, it should cause a little pop-up window to display to confirm the timing and subject line of the RSNO. This is what it did for me, both with existing drafts of yours, and with a brand new email I generated to test it out.


Based on that, as well as your description of how it seemed to go away after awhile then start back up, it indicates there may be a connectivity issue occurring. Typically it's a simple matter of clearing your cache, making sure your browser is 100% up-to-date, or checking to see if a particular browser extension is causing the interference. Sometimes security programs - such as malware checkers, browser ad/pop-up blocker extensions, or VPNs - can also cause these interferences with our site's basic functionalities when our domains aren't safelisted, especially with the little pop-up windows for things like RSNO scheduling, image editing, or adding details to specialized email blocks. 


If performing the basic connectivity troubleshooting, as well as adding our domains to any security programs you have active, doesn't alleviate the issue, we'd advise calling our general support so they can troubleshoot with you live.

William A
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