Non-individual membership management


Non-individual membership management

Hi all,


I'm new to constant contact, so please fofgiveme if this is an easy question.  I've searched but haven't found anything.


I have a nonprofit, membership organization.  Membership are by company and not by individual at a company.  


Example...ACME, Inc. might be a mamber, but any employee can attend events on behalf of ACME.  


I want to track the membership status of ACME, but not nessesarily the membership status of ACME's employees.  Is there a way to do this?  I was intially thinking about a parent/child relationship where the company is the parent and then the individual is the child.  I want to be able to easily see how many members (companies who have paid dues) we have.  That number will be much smaller than the total number of indiviuals in the database.


Hope this makes some sense.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Hello @KayeB11,

Thanks for reaching out. Based on your description, I feel I need a little more information to be able to properly answer your question. In regards to the "membership" of certain companies, is this referring to who has attended events that you've run through Constant Contact? I'm just not quite sure how you track membership, if that's a company that has worked with you in the past so now they're in your account, or if that means a company that has attended events with your organization outside of Constant Contact. When you mention tracking membership status, what would that report look like for you ideally? Please reply with any additional information you can provide, we want to help in any way we can!

Brandon A.
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