Not happy!


Not happy!

I wasted my 60 day free account trying to figure this out. Quit and am back trying to figure it out! I watched the 30 minute video yesterday going through the complete setup and setting up campaigns, emails, etc. I am trying to find it again today and wasted an hour looking for video instructions! Not a simple process setting up campaigns, letters, etc.

HI @AnnetteF31

I am very sorry to hear of your frustrations. Can you tell us more about what you are looking to create so we can help get you some information?


Are you looking to create an email to send out? If so, check out this FAQ with steps to follow. It may be helpful to decide what will be included in your email first. If you are looking to invite people to an event you will want a more "card" like template but if you are looking to share organization news and such than a template with a left or right column would work best. 



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