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Not much success


Not much success

I ran one campaign to 82 clients to see how the email would be opened up. The response was disheartening. Trying to determine whether to use this service or not. Any feedback? My concern is that mass emailing leads to the mail going to spam or junk box. Why pay for a service to relearn how to send email and have a higher risk of folks not receiving the email if I miss the tips? Any advantage over using regular email service?


Hello @First-NameL84553


I am sorry to hear that your first email was not as successful as you were hoping. We do have some best practices that you can follow to increase your open rates: 

  • Make your Subject Line relevant and engaging. Make sure to avoid excessive capitalization and special characters. Subject Lines with a mention of an upcoming date or deadline creates a sense of urngency with readers and increases opens. 
  • Make your email recognizable. Be sure to include your business logo and try to match the colors and branding of your website. This will keep your brand consistent and keep your readers engaged. 
  • Keep your content relevant. Keep in mind to have a nice balance between text and images to break up longer emails. You can also put in a portion of your text in and have a link to a document of a webpage for your readers to read the rest of it if they would like.

I know you mentioned that you are concerned about your email going to a spam folder; I do want to reassure you that we have higher deliverability rates than going through a regular email service. You can also call our Support line during the week to have them review your email prior to sending. 


Hope this helps! 

Brittany W
Community & Social Media Support

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