Not really an idea, more than, a how to issue...

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Not really an idea, more than, a how to issue...

I created a campaign, which is to be sent to more than one list of contacts. After sending the campaign to the first list, I then went back to the campaign, using the "more" pull-down menu on the right choosing "resend to." It brought me to the contact page, where I checked the box for the next group to send to. Unfortunately, a red banner kept coming up at the top of the screen, "Unable to schedule campaign. Please try again later." The only way I was able to get around this was to copy the campaign, rename it, then send it. Now I have the same campaign listed 4 times with different tag line names. Where did I go wrong? Or can what I was trying to do be accomplished? FYI - I did log out of the program and clear the cache, logged back in. Same result.  FYI - I am a fairly new user to CC. Thanks for any assistance and our time. NORM


Hello @NormM14 ,


It sounds like you may have been running into a connectivity error, but regardless, you can just select all four lists at once when you're doing your initial sendout. If there's any contacts that are on multiple lists, or system checks that and will only send the email to the contact once.


Were the emails you were attempting to resend showing as SENT in their reporting, or were they still ACTIVE or SCHEDULED?

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